went for a walk

it was still plenty cold out, but the pretty, golden sheen that the sun threw over everything made it hard to resist a stroll.

i must have spent a good hour just walking, not taking a single picture, but thinking about what changes the past few months had brought. thankfully, i ran into these guys before my mind went totally adrift:

i heard them before i saw them. they were laughing hard. one of them had just sideswiped a tree while hurrying down the pitch in their makeshift sled. i asked to take a snapshot and the smallest of the two instantly stamped up the cant, wisps of warm air pluming from his face. he waited at the top for a few seconds - brimming with all the pluck that comes natural to boys his age - before casually shoving himself down. i took two shots, kept this one and gave them the other.

it's hard to remember what worry felt like at that age. it's a shame. the pains of being stalwart in the face of responsibility and emotion can so easily overshadow the wonderful nothingness of adolescence. the trick to feeling young forever (i think) is to be foolhardy with both your words and affection. fall hard and fall often.

here's a song from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart called Teenager in Love.

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